Hello, Internet!

on Wednesday, March 6, 2013
In the past, I have undergone several blogging endeavors. At age 12, my cousin and I created an entire website about ourselves. We posted 30 second videos that made absolutely no sense (I recall one of me eating cake off the floor, but that's for another post), wrote posts in rainbow text about how cool we thought we were over the fact that we figured out how to make text change colors, and overused emoticons. Come on, it was 2009 and the "xD" face was all the rage.

After that, I believe I made a site with my brother documenting our gaming adventures. That was short lived. Then I created another blog, here on Blogger, about myself. I made about 4 posts before I decided that it wasn't worth my time. I did, however, run my own website (the former thatkidharrison.com) for a few months, before I: A) couldn't think of anything to blog about and B) grew tired of paying for a URL I was not using. I closed the site earlier this year.

Currently, I am 17 years old young, and in my spare time (between sleeping and eating), I have decided to, once again, rekindle my former passion and love of blogging. In addition to blogging, I spend hours a day on Pinterest (link in the sidebar) and waste too much time thinking of funny sarcastic tweets (follow me: @thatkidharrison!). I also have an Instagram... (same username).

Now that the obligatory social media whoring is over, let's delve into what this blog is all about. The answer to that is rather simple: everything. As an individual with extremely varied interests, my posts will reflect that. Expect some stuff about photography, iPhoneography, film, books, design, food, fitness (OK maybe not), yearbooks (I'm a true-blue "yerd"), as well as anything else I feel like sharing or talking about.

Thanks oh so incredibly much for reading this silly little post of mine.
Au revoir!